draw [drô]
drew, drawn, drawing [ME drawen < OE dragan, akin to ON draga, to drag, Ger tragen, to bear, carry < IE base * dherāgh-, to pull, draw along > L trahere, to pull, draw]
I indicating traction
1. to make move toward one or along with one by or as by exerting force; pull; haul; drag [a horse draws the cart]
a) to pull up (a sail, drawbridge, etc.)
b) to pull down (a window shade, etc.)
c) to pull in (a dragnet, etc.)
d) to pull aside or together (a curtain, etc.)
e) to pull across, as a violin bow over strings
2. to pull back the bowstring of (an archer's bow)
3. to need (a specified depth of water) to float in: said of a ship
4. Billiards to cause (the cue ball) to reverse direction after it hits an object ball, by imparting backspin to it
5. Cricket to deflect (the ball) to the side of the field on which the batsman stands, by a slight turn of the bat
6. Golf to deliberately cause (a ball) to hook slightly
II indicating attraction
a) to attract; charm; entice
b) to attract (audiences of a specified size or kind)
2. to take (air, smoke, etc.) into the mouth or lungs; breathe in, inhale, etc.
3. to provoke (a person) into speaking, responding, taking action, etc.: usually in the passive
4. to bring forth; elicit [his challenge drew no reply]
5. to bring about as a result; bring on; provoke [to draw the enemy's fire]
6. Med. to cause a flow of (blood, pus, etc.) to some part
III indicating extraction
1. to pull out; take out; remove; extract, as a tooth, cork, weapon, etc.
a) to remove (a liquid, etc.) by sucking, draining, distilling, seeping, etc.
b) to bring up, as water from a well
c) to cause (liquid) to flow from an opening, tap, etc. [to draw a bath, to draw blood]
2. to take out the viscera of; disembowel
3. to get or receive from some source [to draw a good salary]
4. to withdraw (money) held in an account
5. to have accruing to it [savings that draw interest]
6. to write (a check or draft)
7. to reach (a conclusion or inference); deduce
8. to get or pick (a number, straw, prize, etc.) at random, as in a lottery
9. to bring (a contest or game) to a tie
10. Card Games
a) to take or get (a card or cards)
b) to cause (a card or cards) to be played out [draw your opponent's trump]
IV indicating tension
1. to pull out to its fullest extent; make tense; stretch; extend [to draw a rope tight]
2. to pull out of shape; distort
3. to stretch, flatten, or shape (metal) by die stamping, hammering, etc.
4. to make metal into (wire) by pulling it through holes
V indicating delineation (to “pull” across paper, etc.)
1. to make (lines, figures, pictures, etc.), as with a pencil, pen, brush, or stylus; diagram
2. to describe in words
3. to make (comparisons, etc.); formulate
1. to draw something (in various senses of the vt.)
2. to be drawn or have a drawing effect
3. to come; move; approach [to draw nearer]
4. to shrink or contract
5. to allow a draft of air, smoke, etc. to move through [the chimney draws well]
6. to suck (on a tobacco pipe, etc.)
7. to attract audiences
8. to become filled with wind: said of sails
9. to steep: said of tea
10. to make a demand or demands (on or upon)
11. Hunting
a) to track game by following its scent
b) to move slowly toward the game after pointing: said of hounds
1. a drawing or being drawn (in various senses)
2. the result of drawing
3. a thing drawn
4. the cards dealt as replacements in draw poker
5. [from, formerly, the withdrawal of stakes in such a case] a tie; stalemate [the game ended in a draw]
6. a thing that attracts interest, audiences, etc.
7. the movable part of a drawbridge
8. a shallow gully or ravine, as one that water drains into or through
9. Football a play in which the quarterback moves back to pass and then quickly gives the ball to a running back or quickly reverses direction and runs with the ball
☆ beat to the draw
to be quicker than (another) in doing something, as in drawing one's weapon
draw and quarter Medieval History
1. to execute by tying each arm and leg to a different horse, and then driving the horses in four different directions
2. to eviscerate and cut into pieces after hanging
draw away
to move away or ahead
draw back
to withdraw; retreat
draw on or draw nigh
to approach
draw oneself up
1. to assume a straighter posture; stand or sit straight
2. to bridle
draw out
1. to extend; lengthen; prolong
2. to take out; extract
3. to get (a person) to answer or talk
draw up
1. to arrange in order; marshal
2. to compose (a document) in proper form; draft
3. to bring or come to a stop
4. to raise one's shoulders and pull one's limbs close to the body; huddle

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